There’s a Spot On the Two Weeks Notice Book Launch Team with YOUR Name On It

Amy Porterfield

To my Students + Podcast listeners who want to help more people find freedom & fulfillment through entrepreneurship

Ready to Give Your Community the Keys to Freedom from their 9-5’s?

(+ Get Access to an Advance Copy of My New Book, an Invite-Only Mastermind, Special Workshop, and More — All for Free!) 

Come Behind-the Scenes with Me and Help Share a Message with the Potential to Change Thousands of Lives: 

“You Were Made for More”

When You Say “Yes!” to this Exclusive Invite and Join Me on the Two Weeks Notice Book Launch Team, You’ll Receive: 

As a #launchsquad member, you will get access to all the business strategies baked into my new book before anyone else.

A FREE Advance Copy of Two Weeks Notice 

 From a brand-new digital course to a confetti worthy virtual event and series of interviews with some of the most brilliant minds of the online business world — every book bonus I create is all yours, Friend! 

Access to ALL Pre-Order Bonuses

As a big thank you for helping me spread the word, I will be hosting an exclusive live event for #launchsquad members. The topic? That’s up to you — you will have the opportunity to vote for whatever you need the most support with.

An Exclusive Mastermind + Q&A with Yours Truly

You’ll have the chance to record a podcast or video interview with me and create a valuable piece of content that connects your audience with a life-changing process for making unfulfilling work a thing of the past.

Podcast or Video Interview Opportunities

Come meet a community of like-minded business owners driven to make a difference. 

Access to Our Incredible #LaunchSquad Community 

Got questions on how to be the best book launch team member on the block? It’s ALL covered in this in-depth guide — from ideas for social media or emails to swipe copy that makes sharing the book as easy as copy/paste, we’ve got you covered! 

The Launch Team Handbook 

I know a thing or two about planning promotions that both serve your audience AND get incredible results, and I’m sharing my top tips with you during this workshop. 

A Workshop to Plan *Your* Promos Like a Pro

and more!

Wondering What Two Weeks Notice Is All About?

Let me introduce you to the book I’ve been dreaming up for the last decade… 

Two Weeks Notice isn’t a collection of generalizations, impractical platitudes, or vague business tips. It’s the exact opposite. 

make your version of “the good life” a reality. 

On the surface, this is a book about building an online business. Dig a little deeper, and you will soon discover this is a book about defining what success looks like for YOU — and taking action to 

It’s the step-by-step guide I wish I’d had when I decided to stop being the “yes” girl confined to her cubicle. This book is the culmination of everything I’ve learned building an 8-figure online business that all started by handing in my two weeks notice and making a choice to do things my way. 

(no complicated business plan required). 

Between these pages, your audience will learn: 

The first step to starting their own online business

letting go of the belief that they need to be led by someone or something outside themselves.

The concept of "unbossing"—

so they don’t have to forever trade their time for money.

The keys to setting up their business model

and HOW they will do it. 

Simple strategies for identifying exactly WHO they help

and overcome the unavoidable fear that comes with putting it out there.

How to craft an irresistible offer

If your people crave more flexibility, income, and impact, this book will give them proven strategies to make that happen. Even if they have no idea where to start. 

You’re already one of my students or podcast listeners 

6 Reasons You’re a Perfect Fit for the Two Weeks Notice Book Launch Team… 


and you know what I share has the potential to truly help anyone with a dream and the drive to get after it! 

Your life has changed as a result of starting your own business or side hustle


and you want to help others experience that same freedom. 

You believe in a future where women and other members of marginalized groups hold more positions of power


and get the recognition and respect they deserve.

You want to find inspiration and re-energize your business


while connecting with other entrepreneurs who share your passion.

You know how challenging the transition from a traditional career to calling your own shots can be,


and you want to make it easier for those following in your footsteps.

You want to join me on an incredible journey


while getting a backstage look at a book launch and learning how it’s done! 

Got questions? I’ve got you covered

How big of a commitment is this?

If you’re reading this, I think the world of you and trust you to share this message in whatever way you feel called. We’d love it if you could pour the same commitment you have for yourself into helping others find their purpose. My team and I have so many incredible resources to share that’ll make it easy to spread the word! 

That said, I do have a few key asks for my Book Launch Team:

Read Two Weeks Notice early

Study the Book Launch Team Handbook

Leave reviews wherever books are sold (👈 I’ll provide you with prompts to make this easy as 🥧)

Recruit other Book Launch Team members

Share about Two Weeks Notice any and everywhere online

Engage with the book in IRL and on social media

Participate in our exclusive Facebook community

Share any ideas you have in getting this book into the hands of those who need it

What if I’ve never done something like this?

No worries — book launches don’t happen everyday, and I don’t expect you to have a ton (or any!) of experience. Plus, full-disclosure, this is the first book I have ever written and released, so we are in this learning process together.

That said, when you join, you will get a copy of the Launch Team Handbook, which contains everything from the logistics to simple instructions for becoming an awesome #launchsquad member. 

What if I only have a small audience? Is this still worthwhile?

Heck yes! Even if your email list is only one person, you are still giving that one person an incredible opportunity — an opportunity to live a life of their own design.

Why is pre-ordering a hard copy of the book so important? 

Pre-orders allow us to prove to booksellers that this book is important and needed. They also increase awareness about a step-by-step plan for women at a time when they need it most! 

Does it cost anything to take part in this?

Aside from the $27 it'll cost to purchase Two Weeks Notice, no! You are doing me a massive favor here. And, in the end, this is about getting the message to the people who most need to hear it.

How will you decide on our Mastermind topic?

This one is in your hands, friend! I want to make sure you walk away from this feeling as confident and empowered to build your business as possible.

That said, I will send out a poll with some options, including: 

Launch Strategies that Boost Engagement and Move the Needle
List Growth Strategies to Build Momentum
Optimize Your Time: How to Set Your Days Up for Success
How to Design a Pre-Launch Plan that Converts (and What You Can Learn from My Pre-Sale Campaign) 

… so you can vote for your topic of choice!

How will this benefit my audience?

Two Weeks Notice is a step-by-step process for building a business from the ground up so you can confidently leave your 9-to-5 behind. It will give your audience the tools they need to hone in on their “thing,” find the right business models and revenue-generating strategies, and, ultimately, leave their jobs behind if that’s something they want to do.

Why is this message so important?

This book is about many things, but, at its core, it’s about freedom — creative, financial, and lifestyle. 

As a woman who spent nearly a decade of her life in a corporate career taking notes in meetings full of male CEOs, my greatest wish is to show other women that they have options. They don't have to take orders. They can do the work they love, how and when, they want to do it. 

What’s the scoop on the podcast or video interview?

When you join, you will have the opportunity to sign up to have me on as a guest for a 20-minute long podcast or video interview (limited spots available!). To make it as easy as possible, I’ve even put together a guide on how to prepare and what sort of questions you might want to ask.

What if I already ordered a copy of the book before seeing this?

We would love if you would buy an additional copy for a friend who may need it, however if you’re not in a position to do so we still welcome you with open arms! Just add your order details above.

A Personal Note from Yours Truly… 

Writing Two Weeks Notice is a dream come true and I would LOVE for you to come along for the ride as we get this into the hands of those who need it most! 

I’m willing to guess your life changed BIG time when you discovered the freedom and possibilities available to you as an online business owner. 

You’re in a position that so many dream of, but so few have any clue how to access. 

ALL my best, 

If you want more people to learn how to build a successful business on their terms — a business that helps level the playing field for women and marginalized communities, that eliminates glass ceilings, changes lives, and creates real change… Join me in sharing Two Weeks Notice with your network and let’s make some serious magic happen!